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White Balance Zone System Chart (WBZ9)

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Following the concept of the RZ9 Stouffer has designed the WBZ9 White Balance Zone System Chart to help achieve the proper white balance for any lighting situation. Side one represents Zones I, V, and IX in three large steps of reflected density. Use this side to set the custom white balance of a digital camera. There is also a 9 step Zone System gray scale at the edge of the chart to help visualize zones I through IX. As an added bonus there is a full sized Zone V (18% gray) gray card on the opposite side.


On location or in the studio a photographer can photograph the White Balance Zone System Chart, filling the frame with the three zones, and metering for Zone V. This helpful chart offers a well balanced exposure of highlight, mid-tone, and shadow to use as a reference point for custom white balancing.


A photographer can also capture the WBZ9 at the beginning of a shoot or as often as needed for different lighting conditions during the shoot. The WBZ9 can then be used as a curve to adjust each image from any series of photographs with the same lighting characteristics.